• Trouble Shooters I CDs
  • Price $79.95

Here's Your Chance To Learn What really Works In The Field... From Two Of My Best Students Who Share Their Best Tips and Tricks With You...

Dear Friend and Speed Seduction Student,

Are you having a few challenges getting where you really want to go with your Speed Seduction Skills? Would you like to jump-start your abilities and REALLY get going learning from two of my BEST students as they take you by the hand and show you how THEY got through the early learning phases and stumbling blocks in their minds to enjoy the power and success they and you have ALWAYS wanted?

Well, now you can, with this dynamite little 4 Disc audio CD series by the totally outrageous "Sargy Brothers", the halarious Kamal and Orion, the students without fear... (In case you don't know... Sargy is my beautiful Russian Blue cat...and some of my students have named the activity of practicing Speed Sedution, "Sargin'" after the wanderings of my feline pet!). These two SS Brothers take you by the hand and teach you all of their unique uses of Speed Seduction and how it works for the real world with real women where it really counts!

Outrgaeous, BETTER Than Risk Free Guarantee!

I am SO fucking dynamite stoked by these CDs...SO sure you'll go friggin' ga-ga over them that I'll make this NUTSO guarantee: ORDER YOUR SET TODAY. Listen to the CDs for yourself. If you aren't delighted...if you don't find them to be an incredibly helpful and practical tool in learning and mastering SS effectively, easily and quickly, send them back and receive a full refund.

So...realizing you've got nothing to lose and a WORLD of skill to gain...why not ORDER YOUR SET RIGHT NOW? These delightful CDs have my HIGHEST PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION!

Disc One:

  • Getting Initial Rapport With Her
  • Listening For Her Key Trance Phrases and Values
  • Calibrating Her Non-Verbal Responses
  • Mastering Your Tonality
  • Asking The Right Questions
  • Getting Her To Use Her Imagination
  • Memorizing Patterns For Easy Recall
  • Using Seduction Themes And Sensory Rich Descriptions
  • Disc Two:

  • Using Poetry For Seduction; Where, When And How To Introduce It!
  • Learning and Applying Speed Seduction If You Are An Engineer
  • How To Handle The First Meeting
  • Using Patterns In Your Initial Phone Call
  • Projecting and Mastering Congruence
  • Bringing Out and Using Natural Abilities That Attract Women
  • The Proper Use of Fluff Talk
  • Building A Powerful Frame Of Mind
  • The Effective Use of Humor In Speed Seduction(Kamal is a Master at This)
  • Ways To Elicit Her Values
  • Handling Resistance And Objections
  • Disc Three:

  • Closing The Deal By Eliciting Process
  • Physical Closes and Test Closes
  • Keeping Loops Open/Leaving Her Eager For More
  • Characteristics Of The Successful Speed Seducer
  • Great Places To Meet Women
  • The Unique Opportunities Of Art Galleries And Art Openings
  • Palmistry And Seduction
  • Disc Four:

  • Using Handwriting Analysis For Seduction
  • The Skilled Use Of Quotes And Metaphors
  • When And How To Effectively "Play" Therapist To Seduce Her
  • Fighting And Utilizing Women's Conditioning By The Media
  • How To Effectively Create A Speed Seduction Practice Program and Schedule For Yourself
  • Final Thoughts
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  • Trouble Shooters II CDs
  • Price $49.95

Hey Brothers! Orion and Kamal are at it again. These two horndogs don't rest; they're like the Energizer bunnies - they sarge on and on and fuck like rabbits.

I just recently saw an amazing compilation of unbelieveably power packed material from them and I'm so excited I can barely sit down; I'm so eager to go out and massively use this incredible stuff myself. By now, you have most likely seen their magic on video, and have heard their tricks on the Troubleshooters CDs. This new CD set (called Troubleshooters II), is a paradigm shift and the next evolutionary step! Prepare to be amazed, for those who are wondering what is new in it, EVERYTHING! All new material, and for those who have come to expect oly the highest quality from Orion and Kamal, be prepared to be knocked off your feet! This set is absolute dynamite.

Some of what you'll hear on these unbelievable CDs is:

  • Where these guys go to practice
  • Hot new patterns they have just developed
  • How they have been applying these powerful persuasion skills in other areas of their lives

Yours truly can tap the line on one of the greatest meeting-of-minds of Ross's students ever! This is an unprecedented opportunity to hear a round table conference call of evil geniuses at work developing some incredibly devious and powerful material. This stuff is bleeding-edge, new-millenium material that will blow your lid off!

The only way YOU CAN BENEFIT TREMENDOUSLY FROM THIS MATERIAL is to ORDER THE TAPES NOW and raise your skills to new levels.

Disc One:

  • Testing Step by Step
  • Knowing if She's Testing You
  • Eleminate Resistance
  • Deal With Hesitation
  • Be Ready To Drop Her
  • Stop Inconsistencies / Game Playing
  • Multi-Modal Anchoring
  • Be Aware of Her Personal Space
  • Be Aware of Her Body Dynamics
  • Morph into Someone She Likes
  • Be a Great Spin Doctor
  • Be an Interesting / Confident Guy
  • Romantic Questions
  • Identify and Strengthen Trance States
  • Disc Two:

  • Intelligent Questions
  • The Slow Approach
  • Identify Natural Instincts
  • Telling Dirty Jokes
  • Practice with Everyone
  • Only Deal with Those...
  • Special Events and Places
  • The "Package" Concept
  • Establish / Utilize Network
  • Keeping Balance / Congruence
  • Sarge Other Women
  • Deal with Post-Coital Regret
  • Why Brothers Fail
  • Disc Three:

  • It's Easy to talk to Women
  • Interpreting Handshakes
  • The Mystical Route
  • Deep Trance Seduction
  • Seducing their Friends
  • Speaking of Power
  • More Closings
  • Disc Four:

  • Live Conference with Other Brothers
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  • Magical Connections DVDs
  • Price $99.00

See real life (live) one-on-one encounters with Hot Babes so you too could go from a cold walk-up to a hot steamy love session in just a few minutes!

Using your skills in the real world is the toughest part of Speed Seduction. Every situation you encounter with women is different and every woman responds differently to SS. This incredible new DVD set empowers you with awesome tools you can apply in real life as soon as you've seen them. That's why I'm so proud of these incredible real life DVDs from brothers Orion and Kamal: the Magical Connections DVDs. The success of their Troubleshooters CDs motivated them to bring to you another SIZZLING HOT product! In these powerful new videos they will show you secrets so powerful you'll cream in your pants to get the chance to USE THEM NOW IN REAL LIFE!!

For four hours, Orion and Kamal will be your personal coaches, and will show you step-by-step:

  • How to create instant rapport in any situation
  • How to create intrigue and fascination with total bullshit
  • How to turn her resistance into instant respect for you
  • How to make her think you know how to read her palm - while filling her mind with ultra-juicy sexual suggestions
  • How to create trance states with your voice, and then plant post-hypnotic suggestions
  • How to quickly go for the physical close

and my personal favorites, including... Orion's amazing Energy Massage Pattern to get a woman to feel your psychic power - And let you feel her - massaging the babe just moments after you meet her!

Find out how you can learn from real seduction situations to get what you want!

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  • Best Buy all Three Sargy Brothers Products
  • Price $199.00 Thats a $30.00 discount when you buy all three!

Best Buy Package

Trouble Shooter I

Trouble Shooter II

Magical Connections

Package Price $199.00

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